Stalker-Proof yourself!!

Yes people, dere leste riktig, her fr dere noen tips p hvordan man unngr "Stalkers" p nettet...

Edit Your Friend List !

"With the constant Twitter feeds and Facebook status updates, it's almost as if these sites have put up a sign: Stalkers welcome! The information is all hanging out there: photo albums, your recent vacation, your school or job... But there's a real distinction between letting old friends from high school browse your party pics and leaving yourself open to any six- degrees-of-separation acquaintance who wants to browse your life. You may have hundreds of friends on a social-networking site, but you should let only a chosen few in on the day-to-day happenings of your life. Luckily most sites have privacy settings ? and you should use them.

Go to to create an exclusive group of people who have access to your profile, pictures, and updates. If you're a MySpace user, you can make your profile private under "Accounts Settings," but unlike Facebook, you'll still be sharing info with your entire friend list. For Twitter (hands-down the most public social-networking site), check a box called "Protect My Updates" on your account page. Only your "followers" will be able to read your feed.

And then, don't leave your settings set in stone. Any time you end a relationship ? with a guy, a toxic friend, or even a company ? you need to reevaluate your friend and followers lists. "The moment you end a relationship, you have spies in your network, and they are called friends," says Parry Aftab, an Internet privacy and security lawyer. She recommends temporarily defriending mutual friends who might share information about you until the breakup drama has died down."

Viktig viktig folkens!

En annen ting man br tenke p, er ikke utsette seg for ndvendig oppmerksomhet. Som f.eks skrive "Str i DEN lange ka p Kinoen n!" - p statuser og lignende...

Luckily I have my own little hideout!

On the roof! :D

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