Empty Arms

Holding out these empty arms
Cursing my disillusionment
Why did I imagine it could be any other way
that I could have been content, dreams that?s all it was,

Mothers arms are not meant to be empty
I look up at the sky, tears filling my eyes,
Searching the stars trying to find my angel
The brightest star I search for

Finding it the first tear rolls down my cheek
Memories flood back of our short time together
Love totally encasing my heart as I look at that star
I know you are there baby I will never forget
I just can?t come to accept as I look that you are so far

I would have cuddled and loved you kept you safe
Within my arms holding you in a tight embrace
I will search these skies for you each night
But just for now have to leave you in Gods guiding light

Sleep well my baby one day my arms and heart will be full again
As I join you and give you all that was meant to be

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23.02.2010 kl.15:55

så fint :)


23.02.2010 kl.16:07

for en nydelig tekst, Miriam <3 Hvor er den hentet fra?
SÅ nydelig tekst !

SV; den er fra bikbok =D


23.02.2010 kl.16:26



23.02.2010 kl.20:43

trist, men nydeligt!

stolt mamma til 2 herlige :)

25.02.2010 kl.20:37

♥så nydelig, så trist♥