Whaddup 2013 ?!

That's what's up (so far) :

Got a guitar for Xmas! 2013 better be ready for this! LOL
And in case ure color-blind, IT'S RED! :-D
*bitches be jaleous*

Found my future husband... I think his name is Dawid, But who cares. Im gonna call him "Sexy husband-man" ;)

My cat got stuck o_O
.... shes ok now ....

More BM items.. SHOCKER, I know.

Some dude kissed my face ....
"Sexy husband-man" will NOT be impressed....

My face still looks like this, for those of u that's been missing me ... (?) O_o

Aaaaand I'm getting a new tattoo this week <3

So, that's 2013 so far...

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Fortsett slik :)