mai 2013

Let it Die

Been listening alot to Foo Fighters lately. My favorite atm :

Drink Drank Drunk

Is it the weekend yet?I need a drink.....

Bite me!



it`s monday .. leave me alone....

Trust no Bitch // outfit

// Beanie - Etsy // Necklace - Etsy // Tank top - H&M mens appartement // Jacket - Gina Tricot //

Why are you dressed like that ?

bitch ...

punk ass

bored on a Friday ....

luckily I`m working tomorrow ♥H2 BlackBox♥

Bimbo !

Okay, so I know it`s not Thursday anymore... but in some countries it still is! so here`s a little Throwback-Thursday Lambretta for yah!

busy bitch

Love the way my calendar is filling up with gigs and shows !!This summer`s gonna be a good one!31st of May -UptownwithKleveland/Labreche Experiment1st of June -Musikkfest Trondheim@ Lamonparken wit...

Package from Las Vegas !

WHAT CAN IT BE!!!? Suspender Leggings OF COURSE !!! Thank you ARBYUPPERS @ Etsy!

You Look Like Bad news, I Gotta Have You! -part 2


Ravage Rose at Rock Heaven

Played at the opening of Rock Heaven last night! We had a blast! Amazing atmosphere, and an amazing audience! Thanks to everyone that showed up! <3 (Kilde: Ravenhill) >>>...

red lips


You Look Like Bad news, I Gotta Have You!

Youre welcome.... =)

jeg vant!

ENDELIG var det min tur til vinne noe!Og enda mer flaks hadde jeg da jeg vant akkurat det jeg har lett etter i ukesvis n.Ny smokey-eye palett! Too Faced Smokey Eye kit <3 Hurra for vakre He...

BadAss-Studded-Spiked-out-SEXYasHELL Leatherjacket just ordered!!

I want it on mah bodeyh NAAAAAOW !!!! NAAAAOW I SAY!! What a beauty!It needs to get it`s ass to Norway, asap, I`m going menthal! Peace and love to you gangsters <3

Huh? Hm? WHAT!?!?


Etsy cravings

>>>Urban Eclectics<<< >>> CustomDuo <<< I WANTZ NAAAAOW!

Photoshoot - Ravage Rose

Got new bandphotos taken this Sunday!The amaaazing Kent Myklevold brought his magic camera and creative self, and spent the whole day with us! Can`t wait to see the results! behind the scenes ...

new top

@ H&M

Musikkfest - Trondheim

" Tidligere kjent som Musikkens dag er Musikkfest et rlig gratisarrangement frste lrdag i juni som tar i bruk det pne byrom for lage en stor musikkopplevelse for byens innbyggere hver. " ...


Mornin` ! Bandana - Sinatra Top - H&M Denim Vest - Gina Tricot (modified) Leggings - BlackMilkClothing