september 2012

gig tonight

Me and Runes first gig together !Im stoked, and ready to rock ^^ @ Munkvoll Stasjonspub 21:00

New Tattoo

Thanks to Bent from All Art Tattoo !

Getting inked !

Imorgen skjer det !Jeg er GIRA som fyyyy !! =D Bent fra All Art Tattooer artisten som skal f pine seg gjennom timer med sutringa og klaginga mi ;) Lykke til Bent! Du er en modig mann ;)Motivet ...

Pin up

Decided to try something new....Like always, im all for new trends, new eras and new inspiration!So, I bought a bandana, some new lipstick, tied my hair back (!) wich I NEVER do, and tried out the...

omg omg omg JC Black Spiked Litas - dontbejellybitches ;)

Ive been waiting for my JC/Black Milk Back Offs and my JC Spiked Litas to arrive in the mail for weeeeeeeks now, AND they`re still not here. So my clever self decided to just go ahead and buy a pai...