I rock, U suck....

Neida, joda.... neida....... JODAAA!

Huh? Hm? WHAT!?!?


So what, I`m still a rockstar !

Faen, dette blir et sinna innlegg kjenner jeg... o_O Oh well .... Ser at vr alles kjre toppblogger Therese (Tcmn) har ftt MYE pes for den nye tattoveringen sin .... (Tcmn.blogg.no) Synes fo...

Good Morning Internet !

Mri & Lotti - Le`Cartoon

Jeg og Lotte (aka Mri & Lotti) har kanskje verdens mest interne humor. o_O

Just sayin

Q: Why do most red heads turn out to be slutty? A: If the roof is rusty, the basement will be wet .... #justsayin


Jenna Marbles @ Youtube - freakkin genius! <3 Gareth tagged me in this picture the other day ... I feel kinda stupid ...o_O

Congrats Daddy`O !!

Pappa har bursdag idag! GRATTIS!! Men han er i LA jobber, og skulle visst ikke feire dagen i det hele tatt... IDIOTI spr du meg! Han er f timer unna Las Vegas(!), og bor midt i Hollywood for y...

dagens YO MAMA !

Yo Mama So Fat she fell into the Grand Canyon....and got stuck!

dagens YO MAMA !

Yo Mama So Ugly when she walked into the Haunted House, she came back out with a Job Application! mmmhm! =p

dagens YO MAMA !

Your Mama So Fat, people exercise by jogging around her! haha!!

dagens YO MAMA !

Your Mama So Fat - when she step on the Weight Scales it says...'to be continued'... haha Q. har du noen YO MAMA vitser p lager??? bring it !

dagens YO MAMA !

Yo mama so hairy Bigfoot is taking her picture! haha

dagens YO MAMA !

Yo Mama`s sooo ugly, that when Bob The Builder saw her he said: " I CAN`T FIX THAT!!!" Jupp !

dagens YO MAMA !

YO mama` s so stupid, she sold her car for gas money!! Yupp!

dagens YO MAMA !

Yo mama is so fat, when she steps into a elevator it has to go down!!

dagens YO MAMA !

Yo mama`s so ugly, that whe she joined an ugly contest, they said "Sorry, no professionals!"